The Windrow Story

Harvesting a Dream

Every destination starts as a dream. In our case, these dreamers were Steve and Ruth Townsend. Steve, a veteran hotelier with a passion for community and a heart for rural Washington, knew that visitors could benefit from a boutique hotel in this Washington Main Street-sanctioned city. The hotel invites guests to experience the heart of charming downtown Ellensburg, which offers unique restaurants, shops, galleries, and countless opportunities for outdoor adventures.

The vision became reality when Steve and Ruth met Rory Turner, a dreamer in his own right, who was resurrecting the historic Elks Club building. This building had been empty for decades, but received a careful restoration, led by Rory and his partners. The centerpiece of this wonderful building was to be its classic ballroom, restored to its original splendor.

Steve and Rory married their two dreams, which became Hotel Windrow. The hotel features the classic Elks Ballroom, accessed by The Grand Staircase, forming a literal bridge from the “classic” old to the “classic” new atrium lobby of the hotel. The hotel carries on the tradition born in that ballroom decades ago, where generations of Ellensburg residents celebrated the notable events of their lives. Opened in January 2020, Hotel Windrow is now a community gathering place where future generations once again celebrate their most memorable occasions and can experience an unparalleled stay in the heart of Washington. 

Paying Homage to Tradition: The Story of the Windrow

The concept of a windrow is simple in nature, yet more complex in our lives.

Central Washington hay farmers labor over fields throughout the growing season, then cut their crops into long “windrows”, laid down perpendicular to the wind, to dry. These rows force hay into a period of “rest.” Everything rides on this critical period of rest for the crop. Bale the hay too early, and it’s not cured. Bale the hay too late, and you’ve bleached the hay. While carving out this time can be challenging for farmers, it is crucial to optimal production and overall success. Inspired by this idea, the Hotel Windrow team applied the concept to everyday life.

Like a windrow, we too need crucial times of rest.

This concept is at the heart of Hotel Windrow and its team. We are committed to your relaxation, from our specially designed Windrow pillow top beds, to a customized experience that far exceeds your expectations.

You make the time, and we’ll help you rest.