Experience what makes Central Washington so special, while staying in the heart of Downtown Ellensburg

Photo by MyEllensburg

Head for the Hills

Central Washington boasts many hiking trails, for all levels of hikers. Whether you’re searching for a family-friendly jaunt to Umptanum Falls, hitting the steeper grades on Manastash Ridge, or exploring the secluded woods of upper county, there are trail options for everyone.

Discover great hiking “best practices” before hitting the trails!

Photo by MyEllensburg

Take a Stroll through Central Washington University

Central Washington University is quiet during the month of August each year, making it the perfect outdoor playground for families. The wide pathways are great for strollers and kiddos on wheels, and expansive grassy knolls are perfect for a midday picnic. There are many art pieces and sculptures along the way, including a recently installed “Mammoth” sculpture that is ready for the family photo op. Discover which piece speaks to you while soaking up the mid-summer sun on campus.
Photo by Gallery One Visual Arts Center

Shop through Historic Downtown Ellensburg

Businesses in town are adhering to social distancing, masking, and other guidelines to keep you safe during your visit, so that they can keep their doors open for you! Grab a new book at Pearl Street Books, explore handcrafted art and gifts at Gallery One Visual Arts Center, check out the cycle options at The Re-Cycle Shop, or peek at baby animals and fish at the Ellensburg Pet Center!

Learn more about Ellensburg’s downtown shopping scene.

Photo by MyEllensburg

Discover Downtown History, Art and Culture

You don’t have to take a step indoors to discover Ellensburg history! Let your mind wander as you walk through downtown and discover the historic painted murals. You can also stroll the few blocks to Dick and Jane’s spot, and lose yourself in the imagination of these creators (but please do not cross the fence!). Sculptures like the famous “Ellensburg Bull” are perfect spots for a family photo.

Discover more of the hidden treasures in Downtown Ellensburg.

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